The bond of narration

  1. There is a tomb in Pere-Lachaise cemetery that is the place of body remains of a couple in love. This tomb belongs to Heloise (1101-1164) and Abelard (1079-1142). Heloise (female) was 21 years younger than Abelard (male). Both of them aged for 63 years.
  2. On one of my travels in Paris, I visited this tomb for the first time. I knew nothing about them at that time.
  3. Later, I heard Mrs. Fazaeli their names in a meeting and I got more interested in their real and wonderful story of life.
  4. I have recently finished reading the book “a research in love letter of Heloise and Abelard” by dear writer, Jalal Sattari. After reading the book, something crossed my mind that I say here.

Before telling the idea, I should say that there is a statue of Abelard (French philosopher, intellectual and writer) in Louvre museum. There is also some information about this couple of 12th C. in the following site.

  1. The idea: it came into my mind it’s a good idea if a cultural-literal great event is held in Paris on the occasion of this couple’s 900th wedding anniversary in 2020.

This event can analyze the ancient stories of love in the form of film, music, literature, painting, plastic arts etc. This event in various parts can consider the quality and the reasons of creating the famous examples of love in different lands.

Think of narrating the love stories of Sheikh Sanan and Christian girl, Vamaq and Azra, Khosro and Shirin, Bijan and Manijeh, Leili and Majnoon in Iranian culture, accompanying the famous lovers of world (some of them are listed in the following) in the form of painting, film and music creates much passion and excitement and a dynamic literal and narrative dialogue among different cultures.

This event can be the wedding ceremony of all the lovers of stories in the world.

See the list of some well-known lovers in stories:

Abelard & Heloise

Sheherazade & King Shahryar

Krishna & Radha

Lancelot & Guinevere

Romeo & Juliet

Scarlett O’Hara & Rhett Butler

Heer & Ranjha

Robert & Elizabeth Browning

Sohni and Mahiwal

Shakuntala and Dushyant

Dhola & Maaru

Acme & Septimus

Aphrodite & Adonis

Aphrodite & Ares

Apollos & Daphne

Tristan & Isolde

Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester

Apasia & Pericles

Atalanta & Hippomenes

Baucis & Philemon

Diarmuid & Grainne

Echo & Narcissus

Granida & Daifilo

Giuseppe & Anita Garibaldi

Herakles & Omphale

Hero & Leander

Vertumnus & Pomona

Jean Paget & Joe Harman

Niulang & Zhinü

Orpheus & Eurydice

Othello & Desdemona

Paolo & Francesca

Perseus & Andromeda

Petrarch & Laura

Pierrot & Pierrette

Procris & Cephalus

Pygmalion & Galatea

Pyramus & Thisbe

Robin Hood & Maid Marian

Tarzan & Jane

Translated By: Somayeh Mahdavi Nia

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