WFTGA has accepted IFTGA

A letter from WFTGA to IFTGA:


Vienna, October 2nd, 2013

Association of Iranian Tourist Guides Guilds

Mr Arash Nouraghaei, Chairman

Mr Seyedmohsen Haji Saeid, Vice President

On behalf of the Executive Board of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and its members we would like to welcome you to the international family of tourist guides association. We are all very happy that you have chosen to join WFTGA this year

As you know WFTGA is the only international organisation representing tourist guides around the world. It is through our strength in numbers, our common goals and aims that we can represent tourist guides’ interests to our industry partners

Please make sure that you send us your regular newsletters so that the WFTGA Board are updated on your activities, also so that we may put your news in our internet magazine and our website

We want to ensure that your correct website address is hyperlinked to the WFTGA website, to ensure that tourism partners searching for guides worldwide have direct access to your association

We ask you to inform your members in your newsletters about our news and of the benefits to them through the ‘Cultour Card Programme’.   Our members have access with their local tourist guide identification and the bi-ennial Cultour Card to museums at reduced rates or no charge. The programme continues to grow, thus we ask you to refer regularly to our website for the new Cultour Card partners. Please confirm how many Cultour Cards you require

Please remind your members of the WFTGA 16th  Convention to be held in Prague, Czech Republic in 2015. Full details are posted on our website

Please also remind them to join us on Facebook

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question

On behalf of the Executive Board and the Area Representative, we wish you the best of luck and a great season

Felicitas Wressnig


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