English version of the book “100 Ecotourism Trails of Iran” has been published

English version of the book “100 Ecotourism Trails of Iran” has been published

This book, which is the second volume of the “Iran 1001” collection, has been available since the 1st of November, 2023.

Written by Parviz Shojaei Parsa and published by “Nowsadeh” Publications, the book contains 130 pages and eight chapters. Chapters of the book are in the following order:

Climbing trails to 38 peaks

Seven cycling trails

Seven trekking trails

16 canyoning trails

11 trails for waterfalls

12 trails for lakes, wetlands, and salt domes

Five off-road routes

and Four routes suggested by the author.

“100 Ecotourism Trails of Iran” is presented for lovers of the natural heritage of Iran.

In the book’s introduction, while enumerating the requirements of a responsible and safe trip to nature, the author has noted the importance of paying attention to the guide signs and data in the introduced road maps.

To properly introduce the selected routes, the author presents a brief description of every route and its geographical location in the country, suggests the best type of navigation (hiking, canyoning, cycling, etc.), and your required equipment. In addition, you can find a brief itinerary and natural attractions (regional, national, global) for all mentioned routes.

In this book, it is also possible to access the information of 100 desired routes in QR Code format.

Those who are interested can buy this book online through the Gilgamesh Heritage and Tourism Quarterly website at www.gilgameshmag.com for 20 Euros.

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