New Gilgamesh hits bookstore

The 8th edition of Gilgamesh Heritage and Tourism Magazine has recently been published. You can find a variety of articles on Iranian monuments and other different issues in the autumn edition of the magazine. Articles on Iranian monuments like mils, Persian gardens, bazaars, and stuccowork in Iranian monuments are published in this edition of the magazine.

New Gilgamesh sheds light on Iranian monumentsThe 8the dition of Gilgamesh Heritage and Tourism Magazine focuses on the theme of Iranian monuments.

The fully-illustrated autumn 2020 issue of Gilgamesh magazine has an article on rural settlements in a different part of Iran in the Geography section. There you can find the impact of culture and civilisation on rural architecture.

In the Iranology section, you can enjoy Persian gardens and mils, as two monuments rooted in Persian civilization.

The Lifestyle section illustrates the bazaar, as a place for soclializing and as a part of the everyday life of people.

The Graball section includes a report on Nowsadeh, a project on the new Iranian century, and an article on Iran and France’s relationship during history.

Learn about the art of stuccowork in different buildings and structures in Iran in the Arts section of the magazine.

The Mythology section is dedicated to Tishtrya and Apush, the struggle between water and drought.The beautiful waterfalls of Iran and some structures to preserve water are described in the Environment section.

The Study section elaborates on pigeon towers and bridges. The earliest cities of Iran are in limelight in the History section of this issue.

Focussing on a specific theme each season, Gilgamesh magazine showcases Iranian heritage and tourism, using articles and photographs by expert professionals, alongside infographics.

As the first eco-friendly magazine of its kind, the pages are composed of stone paper for which no tree is cut down and no water is wasted.

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