New edition of Gilgamesh spotlights Iranian rituals

The 9th edition of Gilgamesh Heritage and Tourism Magazine has recently been published. The autumn 2021 issue of the magazine sheds light on Iranian rituals and traditions.You can enjoy articles on Iran’s traditional celebrations and rituals. You find articles on seasonal festivals. There are articles on rituals of healing. In the Mythology section, you can read about Siavash.Focusing on a specific theme each season, Gilgamesh magazine showcases Iranian heritage and tourism, using articles and photographs by expert professionals, alongside infographics. As the first eco-friendly magazine of its kind, the pages are composed of stone paper for which no tree is cut down and no water is wasted.

The upcoming edition of Gilgamesh heritage and tourism magazine welcomes autumn with the theme of “In Praise of Rituals”. At 120 pages the 9th issue of Gilgamesh quarterly magazine covers the titles of cultural attractions and rituals; Subject matters that don’t necessarily need to be visited but could be used as a source of education and still be fascinating and noteworthy. In geography section, you can find out about rain prayer rituals. In Iranology section the most prominent ancient Iranian celebrations are highlighted. Lifestyle section focuses on three regional rituals including Nowruz Bal, rosewater festival and Nowruz Sayyad and also an interesting travelogue on Iran. Graball section reports on top annual events across the country and the beauty of southern music in a rejuvenating ceremony called Khayyam-Khani is depicted in the Art section. The mythology section is dedicated to Siavash, a young and innocent prince which his tragic mythological story has had noticeable effects on the mourning ceremonies of today. Lovely dwellers of Kavir National Park and harvest festivals of grape, pomegranate and hazelnut mesmerize you in Environment section. The study section elaborates on healing witchcraft rituals like Zar in the south of Iran and finally the ancient ritual drinks are lime lighted in the history section.

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