2nd National Festival of Nasser Khosrow Travel writing

The National Nasser Khosraw Travel Writing Contest aims to persuade the travelers to log their travels by providing a public forum. Therefore, we, the organizers of contest, including Zoraq Website, (the first comprehensive Iranian tourism portal providing online hotel reservation service all around the world), Tehran Tourist Guides Association, Tehran Tourist House, and Tatilat-e- Now Research Center, invite eagerly all those interested to put their abilities to the test and become familiar to other travel writings.

Permanent Committee

The Permanent Secretariat of Nasser Khosraw contest, including four cultural and tourism organizations, which are Zoraq Website, Tatilat-e-Now Research Center, Tehran Tour Guides Association, and Tehran Tourist House, aims to encourage, support and develop travel writing; the first step of which is arranging a contest on travel writing. It is named after the first Persian travel writer Nasser Khosraw Ghobadiani.
Promoting travelling culture and etiquette,
Laying the groundwork for interaction and sharing  the experiences,
Introducing the destinations to tourists,
Revitalizing the travel itinerary writing genre,
Encouraging people to document events,
Introducing monument, natural environment and diverse beliefs and religions, lifestyles and traditions of Iranian Tribes and clans.
Paying better attention to Persian Literature by suggesting new ways of looking.
Various categories

There are three different categories in the Second Nasser Khosraw Travel Writing contest:
Main Category, Consists of five (5) subcategories:
1- Writing a text
2- Photo
3- Video
4- Audio
5- Blog

Subordinate Category, Consists of four (4) subcategories:
1- Drawing and Painting
2- Persian painting
3- Comic strip
4- Caricature

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