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Guardians of Cultural Heritage

Dear EXBO, Kindly note that this campaign has been sent on Mailchimp and will be shared on social media on Sunday, World Education day. https://mailchi.mp/6ce80ece3b58/wftga-guidelines-internationl-bulletinguardians-2885638 If you get any queries on this, please let me know. This is an initiative of the Croatian tourist guides that we are assisting in spreading the word with. Anyone …

“100 of Iran’s Heritages”

The book “100 of Iran’s Heritages” has been recently released as the first version of the ten-volume collection “Iran 1001”. The book, which is appeared in the Persian language, is written by a group of authors in the form of a research project at Gilgamesh Tourism and Cultural Heritage magazine. The Agar Publication released the …

My favourites

I must write my travel reports and researches in english here, but my english is not good enough to do it. I try to introduce myself as a tourist guide and as a somebody who goes on trips and somebody who writes. Traveling, cultural heritage and intangible heritage are my favourites.