Autumn 2017 Gilgamesh International

Arash Nooraghayee – Publisher & Tourist Guide

Facts are not missed in the fables and ancient world’s fables reflect sparks of the facts; every place, person and event has the potential of being examined and studied from various aspects. That’s why we intended to write of Iran as a land including all its beings and events from fables to facts.

Looking at travelogues of those who have visited Iran, they don’t just mention exploring Iran as a charming and fanciful land but also have offered analysis of politics, lifestyle and habits of Iranian’s life.

It seems that talking of “Persia” is referring to legendary stories; while discussing “Iran” is reviewing realities. But the truth is that neither Persia nor Iran is separate from either fable or fact, so Gilgamesh is tending to explore Iran from earth to sky, flora to fauna and culinary to music.

It’s needless to say that all the articles published in this issue, are not even a drop in the vast ocean of Iran, but the efforts made by all the writers and colleagues in introducing this ancient land cannot be ignored.

Also, in this issue, we have included an article about the site of Delphi in Greece, exploring its significance, history and mythology. We will try to introduce destinations and interesting heritage explorations from around the word.

A bit about the cover of this issue; I invite you to open the magazine and look at the front and back covers together. The Persian Lion that has been extinct is adorning the front cover of this issue, and it can be seen in Iran’s ancient artworks till now. The back cover shows an Asiatic Cheetah (another cat) which is an endangered species that we need to protect. The two cats are looking at each other. One lives only in our Art world and imagination but the other still lives in our real world, so let’s respect their presence and enjoy their beauty and magnificence; this is our show of support for the UNWTO’s slogan of Travel Enjoy & Respect!

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