Children, Environment and Football

According to IUCN red list more than 2300 animal species around the world are facing extinction. While extinction is part of the life cycle, humans have increased the rate by which extinction occurs by adding to more species to the world’s endangered list. Protecting endangered animals is therefore the responsibility of each and every one of us around the world, including this generation and the next.

To this means our not-for-profit group decided to coordinate a project for the football World Cup 2014 by promoting awareness for endangered animals.  The concept aims to involve the elements of ‘Children, Environment, and Football’.

The project proposal invites the 32 countries participating in the 2014 World Cup to select 32 animal species in danger of extinction. We invite the children of the 32 participating countries to get involved by creativity illustrating their unique endangered animal in relation to their national football team, representing their region of the world. Putting the childrens drawings on paper with the concept of unity and bond between humans and animals in nature. This process will be documented by co-groups in each country.

With the support of your environmetal groups around the world, these drawings can be compiled and bound into a book for distribution (electronic and physical), representating those illustrations and messages of kids around the world.

According to statistics 3.5 billion people around the world will be watching the World Cup in Brazil. Releasing this document to different media channels in each country will encourage awareness towards the challenges each country faces in protecting their animals. Also sharing this document through social networks is another opportunity to broadcast this message. Maybe once again football will change the world.

We are exploring different means to communicate this message with video clips, movies, short films, books, mind stimulation games, video games, and so forth and we encourage your input. To accomplish these goals it’s important we have the support and cooperation of the representing environmental institutions, organizations, and NGOs around the world to feel apart of the same project. The protection of the environment is only possible if each and everyone us feel responsibility toward it. We hope this movement will results in a more eco-friendly and unified world for today and tomorrow.


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